A one kilogram Haven for two

Gear news Double walled tents are getting so light that single-walled tents are becoming obsolete. Six Moon Designs Haven is a 1 kg two-person, double walled tent with two vestibules. Av Martin Nordesjö

Most lightweight tents are made for solo hikers, so any news about bigger lightweight tents is good news. The Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo is a personal favorite, and now it has a sibling with similar weight and living area, but with double walls. The double walls of course enhance the condensation and temperature management.

In Haven the poles (hiking poles or 50 g carbon fiber poles) are moved towards the head end to make the walls steeper and increase the volume near the head. One drawback compared to the Lunar Duo is that the net doors don't open up where your head is, so you must actually sit up to access the opening.

The floor area of Haven is 229 x 137 cm with vertical walls.  The peak height is 114 cm. This makes the tent large enough for two tall adults with big feet.

The parts are sold separately as a tarp and net tent and can be set up independently. The combined price is about €290 ($355) and the weight is almost exactly 1 kg. Poles and pegs are not included in the price or weight.

Product page at Six Moon Designs


  1. Hej!

    Har du provat eller har du någon åsikt/gissning om hur pass vindtåligt den här kombinationen är? Ok för Svenska sommarfjäll ovanför trädgränsen?


  2. Har inte provat, men skulle gärna göra det.
    Designmässigt är det ju ett vanligt ryggåstält - ingen större skillnad mot de tält alla använde innan tunnel- och kupoltälten blev standard.
    Så det handlar nog mer om hur välsydda fästen och sånt är.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. Very interesting tent.


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