My latest book now in both Swedish and English: The Swedish Green Ribbon - a walk on the wild side

The Swedish Green Ribbon is a unique trail, because it is not a trail. You have to walk the entire length of the Swedish mountains, 1300-1400 kilometers between Grövelsjön and Treriksröset. The route, however, is entirely up to you.
My book describes in detail more than 40 routes that can be combined into a Green Ribbon thru-hike. But these routes can also be used to plan shorter trips for a few days or a week or two. The books are full of inspirational photos and also gives a lot of advice on logistics and how to best hike the challenging tundra mountains of northern Scandinavia.
The English version is also available as an e-book, easy to carry in your smartphone or e-reader during your hike

By Jörgen Johansson

Klicka här för boken på svenska!

Click here for the book in English!


  1. Hej Jörgen. I tried ordering this in English on Amazon but it said it couldn't deliver to Sweden. Is there somewhere else to order from, or a way to get delivery to Sweden? mvh Paul

  2. Hi Paul, sorry for the late reply (spam basket..). This is very strange since I have ordered a number of copies myself in order to give to some friends.Have you tried I seem to have no problems there now. But the price of the book is for some reason extremely high. I must check that.

  3. Hi again Paul, checked prices, very strange. On it is 400 SEK, on it is 33 Euro, on it is 14 GBP and on it is 20 USD. I will have to investigate this. Give the British Amazon a try :-)


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