About Fjäderlätt

We created Fjäderlätt to help make it easier for everyone to enjoy backpacking in the wilds.

We want to prove that you don't have to carry heavy loads to have a comfortable and safe experience in the great outdoors of Northern Europe. We think a lot of today's outdoor equipment is heavier than it has to be and not designed for normal backpacking by normal people. That's why we would like guide our readers to alternative equipment that is both lightweight and well functioning for 3-season backpacking. And a bit of winter is sneaking in as well.

Jörgen Johansson
Market researcher, avid backpacker and writer of two books on the subject of lightweight backpacking.
"Lightweight backpacking brings mobility. I'm not that young anymore, and this will make it possible for me to enjoy long hikes in remote areas for many more years."

Martin Nordesjö
Product design engineer, "lightweight comfort backpacker" and father of three wonderful little, but time consuming, boys.
"A lightweight basic gear gives me freedom of action. I can choose other routes, I can bring luxurious food, I can carry gear for my kids."