Scandinavian lightweight bloggers hit the trail together

English A group of legendary (?) Scandinavian lightweight bloggers will hit the trail together and also switch gear and try out a lot of other lightweight gear. This will be a great opportunity to watch and touch gear many of us has only seen pictures of. Stay tuned, this trip will most likely lead to a number of interesting blog entries from all involved.

By Jörgen Johansson

We have written earlier about some other lightweight bloggers in Scandinavia here. Now we have decided to go for a long weekend hike in Vålådalen Nature Reserve in the mountains of Jämtland, Sweden.

Joining Martin and myself will be Hendrik from Hiking in Finland, Roger from NielsenBrown Outdoors in Denmark, Joe from Thunder in the night in Norway and Gustav from The Bearable Lightness in Sweden.

We will bring both old and new gear from a number of lightweight gear companies and have a weekend where we will probably have to switch shelters at least twice every night, in order to try them all.

These experiences will no doubt result in an unbearable number of articles and blog entries on all our sites. But since most of our readers are gear nerds, we assume that everybody will be clapping their hands anyway.

Some gear to be used during this weekend:
Gossamer Gear: The One, Spinnshelter, Mariposa Plus, Murmur
Six Moon Designs: Lunar Duo,
Hilleberg: Rajd
Granite Gear: Vapor Trail
Inov-8 shoes
and hopefully some more :-)

Comments in English below and in Swedish here at Utsidan.


harttj said...
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harttj said...

[clap, clap, clap] ;-)

snoe said...

Låter väldigt kul med en sådan resa och intressant utrustning ni valt. Kommer det något testutlåtande? Har själv ett Spinnshelter och har nyligen testat Clarks Jungle Hammock i vinterfjäll, vinterlågland och i sommarskog. Alltid kul att höra om andras erfarenheter om utrustning!

Jörgen Johansson said...

Hej Snoe,
Det börjar samlas en del artiklar på samtliga våra bloggar från Vålådalenturen nu. Kolla på, vilken ger en snabb överblick. Här är en från Fjäderlätt:
Här är en från Joe Newton:

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