"World's lightest tents" at Outdoor 2014

Here are some more previews of tents that will premiere at the Outdoor 2014 show 10-13 july in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

By Martin Nordesjö

In 2015 Terra Nova will expand their cuben fiber "Ultra" series with a couple of two-person tents: the freestanding Solar Ultra 2 and the two-person version of the Laser Ultra. They are both allegedly "the lightest tents in the world" in their respective segment. Personally I don't give a further thought to claims like that, but lightweight multiperson tents always make me happy. The price tag will probably make me less happy.

Terra Nova Solar Ultra 2: weight unknown
Terra Nova Solar Ultra 2
"The lightest 2 person free-standing tent currently available". I have no data on the weight, but my guess is that it's below 1 kg.

Terra Nova Laser Ultra 2: 695 g
Terra Nova Laser Ultra 2
This is "The lightest 2 person tent currently available" according to Terra Nova. It weighs 695 g. Since it's a double walled construction, the inner can be removed when it's not needed.

Vaude Invenio UL 3p
Vaude Invenio UL 3P
Vaude seem to have three different lightweight designations: UL, SUL and GUL. This is an "UL" tent, but I don't know what that actually means in Vaude's world (in my limited world, there can be nothing beyond "ultra"). My guess is that the weight is just below a conventional tent of the same design. Somewhere around 2-3 kg maybe?

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