First picture of Thermarest Evolite and some other stuff we will see in Friedrichshafen 2014

Updated with weight and other details!

In about a month the Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen will open its doors and show what the industry has in store for the coming year. Evolite is a new sleeping mattress from Thermarest that will probably get some attention from the lightpacking community. It has both the word "evo" and the word "lite" in the name, and we have no defense against that.

By  Martin Nordesjö

Thermarest Evolite
Thermarest Evolite: 5 cm thick, 480 g

I actually don't have more information than the picture and a press release filled with the usual load of sales talk, like "Blending the convenience of self-inflation with the comfort of air, the patent-pending EvoLite mattress is poised to become the greatest thing in outdoor comfort".
It's probably not a revolution like the Neoair. My guess is that the Evolite is foam filled mattress that has an extra layer of non-filled air bladders on the surface. This will probably add some comfort without adding much weight. Let's wait and see if the weight is low enough and the comfort is high enough to get a hype going.

UPDATE! Hard information:
As guessed, the Evolite design alternates foam (a new foam called Atmos Foam that is lighter and more compressible) and air channels, allowing for reduction of weight compared to loft.

According to the data sheet, the most notable gain with the design is that Evolite is twice as thick as Prolite, with only a slight increase in weight. The insulation (R value) is basically the same.

Weight: 480g (Prolite 460 g, Neoair 350 g)
Thickness: 5 cm (Prolite: 2,5 cm, Neoair 6,3 cm)
Dimensions: 51 x 183 cm
R-Value: 2,1 (Prolite: 2,2, Neoair 3,2)
(All specs are for size Regular)


MSR Flylite
MSR Flylite: 2 persons, 0,71 kg
Another new lightweight product from Cascade Designs is the MSR Flylite tent. It looks more like a tailored tarp with an solid wall inner than a classic tent, which is interesting since most of the tents from the independent cottage manufacturers look more and more like conventional tents (albeit with lightweight materials). The weight is only 0,71 kg which is quite nice for a two person shelter.

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