News from Friedrichshafen, part 2

Some more gear news, and a look at the Inov-8 line-up for next year.

By Martin Nordesjö

Inov-8 Baregrip 200 (the yellow shoe to the right in the picture)
These shoes won an OutDoor Industry gold award this year.
Baregrip is the first Inov-8 "barefoot shoe".

Inov-8 Evoskin
The Baregrips be followed by the silicon foot-glove Evoskin for the even more minimalistic. If you don't want to look like a gorilla in Fivefingers, look like a Smurf in Evoskin. Picture from Runnersworld

Ajungilak Alpine Ultralight
Lightweight synthetic sleeping bag 990 g for a comfort rating of -2°C/-8°C and extreme rating at -26°C

Haglöfs Stroll
For those who like suede Gore-tex boots, these are 635 gram per shoe (size 9) - a bit heavier than the bench mark Brasher Supalite, but Stroll seem a bit higher.

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Lightweight report from one of our friends:


  1. Siffrorna på Ajungilak Apline Ultralight verkar vara fel. Workbooken säger andra siffror, tyngre.

  2. Interesting! Then they must have adjusted the official weight of the Alpine Ultralight since the show...

    Maybe they will have to change the name to "Ajungilak Alpine Reasonably Lightweight for a Synthetic Bag" :)

  3. Ajungilak Apline Winter/3-season:
    -2°C/-8/-26, 195 cm weight 1390g fillw. 1020g
    +3°C/-2/-18, 195 cm weight 990g fillw. 690g
    +3°C/-2/-18, 180 cm weight 900g fillw. 630g


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