News from Friedrichshafen part 1

Yes, it's that time of the year. The Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen is opening in a few days, and as usual Fjäderlätt can give you a few lightweight tidbits in advance. Beware of buzzwords.

By Martin Nordesjö

Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1, 500 g
Adding yet another word to their series of Laser tents, they claim it's "the lightest 1 person, double wall tent available in the world"

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Trekker
A more silent, sturdier, NeoAir. Short version (130 cm) is 454 gram.

Exped Synmat Ultralite
470 g at size 183 x 52 x 7, R value is 3,5.

Rostock University: "Composite bamboo"
The materials wizards at the university have invented a new mixed material for lightweight poles.

Vaude Norrsken
600 g sleeping pad with Primaloft Infinity insulation.

Vaude Super Ultralight Tents
Using solutions from the Power Lizard, Vaude have redesigned some of their tents. Probably not "super ultralight" at all, but definitely lighter than before. Power Ferret Ultralight (a tunnel tent)  is 1850 grams, Power Tokee UL is 800 grams. Taurus UL XP pictured (unknkown weight).

Primus ExpressStove Ti
72 g titanium version of the Express stove.

Merrel True Glove
One more company jumps into barefoot shoes. We like that.

Montane Spektr
"The World's Lightest Super Minimalist Shell". Yada yada whatever. But it's only 210 g, with Event.

Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z-Pole
Foldable carbon fibre trekking pole, 270 g

Fjällräven - Abisko Lightweight
Fjällräven lightens up with with three new tents (we have no weight data yet).

Robens Atmos
"Ultralight two-person tent" with double walls. Raised with four (!) trekking poles. 1,56 kg.

SmartWool Toesock
A toe sock specifically for Vibram FiveFingers footwear wearers, and others who like to wiggle their toes. Will probably work for the upcoming Inov-8 toeshoes too...

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  1. Well, quite a bit of 'oooh', a fair amount of 'meh' and a few 'WTF?!' in that lot. The Terra Nova tent will be interesting but that 500g weight is probably achieved with their ridiculous 1g 'pins' and the weight will bump up by 75g or so when you replace them with stakes that would actually work in the real world.

    The Montane Spektr is similarly interesting but I need to see that closure system up close and they've lost one detail that has always made Montane the best jackets in my opinion, the structured, protective hood. Not so much of an issue in summer I guess as I usually wear a cap.

    And I love the Smartwool socks. Maybe it's time I tried a pair of socks with toes, they've tickled me pink for a couple of years now!

  2. Smartwool socks and Montane Spektr = only two items of interest for me. And maybe the Bamboo trekking poles.

  3. I'm hoping to see more "barefoot" shoes too. I've tried the Terra Plana EVO (Jörgen has them now) and the sense of freedom is fantastic. I'm interested in what Inov-8 can do in that area.

    About that Vaude text... I wonder what "super ultralight" would actually mean in a tent. "Far beyond the lightest possible" - 100 g per person with floor and bug protection? :)

  4. I would also like to find the foldable trekking pole in this post! It seems to be a great product!


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