Back from Vålådalen

English, Trips All lightweight bloggers survived a wet weekend in Vålådalen. As we have earlier reported, a bunch of Nordic lightweight enthusiasts met up for a long weekend in the Swedish mountains. By Jörgen Johansson
Joe Newton fording. This was not a weekend for dry shoes.

 Wet shoes can be dried by the fire and inner warmth restored by good company and whisky.

Lightweight backpacking means that you have lots of room for luxury food, since everything else is so light. Martin demonstrating some high cuisine.

We will be back on all the blogs with reports from this trip and all the cool gear that we got a chance to have a first hand look at.


  1. Hmmm, getting hungry seeing Martin enjoying that food!

  2. I would be very interested in comments about the different kinds of food brought by each participant.

  3. Thanks for commenting on the food. This trip will result in a number of posts on all our websites, soon as we have the time to write them :-)
    We'll keep the food in mind for that.

  4. Will be interesting to read your reviews. And I hope, a lot of pictures from the trip.
    The food part is always of great importance. Hope some new ideas.


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