Coast2Coast Mallorca - I am thinking about gear

I spent some time this weekend thinking about what gear I need to bring for Coast2Coast Mallorca in early April. Since we sleep inside and have dinner at night there is really very little I need to bring.

By Jörgen Johansson

C2C Mallorca

Weigth grams Specification
720 Shoes Altra Lone Peak 3.0
460 Hiking poles telescopic 
220 Shirt, short sleeve merino Icebreaker Kent
150 Shorts/underwear synthetic 
100 Pants long. Patagonia Houdini running.
85 Windshirt Haglofs Shield Comp Hood
60 Wristwatch Polar M400
80 Sunglasses Polaroid Fitovers incl hard case
45 Baseball cap, homemade
40 Socks, merino, thin
1960 Total worn
Pack and sleep

350 Pack Gossamer Gear Murmur 36, alternative Pajak XC3 650 g
160 Silk sheet liner
150 UL Mat Laufbursche
660 Total pack and sleep

165 Rain jacket Zpacks Challenger 
115 Socks, warm, pile Helly-Hansen, also indoor
115 Rain pants Zpacks Challenger 
190 Thin fleece sweater, also evening wear
135 Down vest WM Flash, maybe
40 Socks, synthetic, thin
90 Water proof socks Rocky Goretex
40 Warm cap, Taiga Hillside Wind Pro beanie
40 Fleece gloves
930 Total clothing
Food and drink

35 Water container Platypus soft 2 l
65 Katadyn 'Befree water filter and bottle
100 Total food and drink

50 Medical supplies; tape, bandaids, ibuprofen
85 Spare glasses and case
55 Swiss Army Knife
40 Map of area, also in phone
30 Sunscreen, SPF 15
25 Repairs; needle and thread, super glue etc
25 Compass

310 Total safety

200 Solar cell charger or battery pack
160 Smartphone
100 Drybag for clothing and electronics
60 Wall charger mobile phone
50 Money, credit card, passport etc
40 Toiletpaper and hand desinfectant
20 Small piece of soap
10 Toothbrush, floss
5 Ear plugs

645 Total miscellaneous
2645 Baseweight pack
1960 Worn

4605 Baseweight gear
2000 Food and water per day
1 Number of days
4645 Total weight pack incl food and water
80000 My bodyweight
6% Max total pack weight relative bodyweight


  1. Hi Jörgen,

    why you used thin merino socks instead of previously used 40-70 den nylon 'lady' socks? I guess air temperature in Mallorca was not the reason :)
    Will you use 'lady' socks in your future trips?



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