Gear at Coast2Coast Sweden part 1

I have just completed Coast2Coast Sweden for the 4th time, and it was a great experience, walking through spring across Sweden with a bunch of dedicated hikers. I will comment on some of the gear I used in a number of blog entries, starting with my sleeping bag.

By Jörgen Johansson

The sleeping bag I used this year, as well as for Coast2Coast Sweden in 2015, was a Haglöfs LIM Down. It is rated to +1 C and weighs a scanty 460 grams, which makes it one of the lightest sleeping bags in this temperature segment.

As can be seen in the photo above, the bottom opens up and you can walk in it. Something I do not much care for and have so far not used. This is maybe more of a habit than anything else. In theory it cold replace my puffy layer jacket for camp use, saving me 290 grams. Mostly it seems to chill my feet, making double socks a necessity for me on cold nights.

Last year was a really cold and damp year on C2C, with temperatures hovering around 0. I was frequently cold at night in th LIM Down. The dampness was seriously enhanced by a sturdy double wall tent of skimpy dimensions, often soaked with condensation in the mornings. So I was not at all certain I would bring the LIM Down on this years trek. But I did, and it turned out to be a winner.

This year on C2C we had some really cold nights in the beginning, May 5-10. One night was -1,5 C, according to one participant with a thermometer. In spite of this I was comfortable in my sleeping bag, albeit wearing most of my clothing since I am a cold sleeper. A big part of the success was no doubt due to my home made tent (the makings of which I have described and will comment upon later). This 'tent' kept my sleeping area very dry and comfortable and protected from the wind at all times. As a consequence my sleeping bag was also dry and comfortable, and my nights restful.

So, this means that the LIM Down has graduated to become my go-to sleeping bag for summer use.


  1. Jag har en hyfsat rymlig Haglöfs Goga 2S (890 gram, T limit - 4 C). Är LIM inuti denna ett vinteralternativ till en syntetisk quilt ovanpå? Tänker mig fjällturer på 2-4 nätter

    1. Det borde innebära 5-10 graders "förstärkning" av sovsäcken, vilket väl för ganska många vinterturer räcker ganska långt. Nu kan ju vintern vara väldigt kall, beroende på månad och breddgrad. Men absolut värt att testa. Isolerad jacka och isolerade byxor (exempelvis breddar temperaturspannet ytterligare. I värsta fall kan man alltid addera en varmvattenflaska till sovsäcken så överlever man (fast med minimal komfort) de flesta vinternätter. Så skulle jag resonera.


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