Skis in transit

Travelling with skis, especially on airplanes, can be a hassle. And my old bombproof  ski bag is not something I want to lug around in the backcountry. A couple of years ago I made a ski bag from some surplus materials. It weighs 42 grams, which is more like it.

I simply picked up some pieces of Cuben fiber and silnylon (green) that I had laying around and made a very light ski bag from these scraps. 42 grams is pretty light. It might pick up a small hole or two in transit, but that is not really something that hampers the function. I mean, skis are made to take a bit of punishment. A rip or two or ten in the ski bag can always be mended with duct tape.

Of course, if you want to go really light you can always check the waste baskets at the airport for discarded bagage tags. These long strips are really durable. You just twist them a number of times into the semblance of a rope and use them to tie your skis with, before putting them into the bag.

But maybe that is pushing the lightweight approach too far :-)