Another new piece of gear for Sarek

Ran across some really light pants and since my beloved BPL Thorofare are getting slightly worn I figured it was time looking for a replacement. I will use them in Sarek next week and see how they work.
I prefer really, really light pants because I want something that is windproof and dries fast. If warmth is needed I add either rain pants or some pretty sturdy micro fleece long johns.

By Jörgen Johansson

Patagonia Houdini Pants XL 100 grams


  1. Looks good. I have the same preferences for pants. I've been using Montane Lite Speed pants for three summers now (despite them being too short and not optimal for hiking anyway) and I think they're worn enough to retire after this summer so new pants needed. Lookign forward for your experiences on the Houdinis.

  2. The Lite speeds have a reputation for not breathing very well. Judging by appearences the Houdinis are also liberally DWRd. This is of course a matter of preference, the Houdinis seem designed for running and then managing a shower is a plus. You'll be sweating anyway. For walking I personally prefer windproof pants that breathe well and do not care about water repellency. What are your experiences?

  3. I've been happy with the Lite Speeds (except being way too short and little tight on the t highs, in XL). I think I sweat less less with them than with "normal" heavy hiking pants and even if I sweat, they dry in a blink of an eye.

    Personally I'd prefer little sturdier pants even with weight penalty. Maybe reinforced seat (paddling, biking) and knees (scrambling on rock). Though I'm afraid that calls for MYOG (or tailor made pair).

  4. Korpi,
    Fine, good to know. Sounds like you've had some holes in your pants?
    My pair of Thorofare pants have been extremely sturdy in spite of some hard wear.

  5. Yeap. The little cuts/holes in the knees are okay but the seat has almost worn thru this summer. I guess it's mostly because of kayaking and biking as there is more stress on the area. Otherwise the fabric is holding nicely so reinforcing seat would add lifetime for the pants. (Well, I've restiched the crotch seams twice but it's been cosmetic failure on both times.)

  6. It'll be interesting to see how the Houdini pants fare :-)

  7. Korpi, as you can see from my gear report the Houdinis did very well. So far of course :-)


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