Outnorth sponsors C2C walkers with 15 percent discounts

Outnorth will give a 15% discount to registred walkers of C2C for purchases during April. Nice, eh? The way it works is that you will all be e-mailed a special code that you use on their webpage. The code should arrive within the next 24 hours or so. You have to enter the code before you start picking stuff on the start page. Left hand column, at the bottom, it says: Kampanjkod. That is where you enter your code. You can choose language if you prefer something other than Swedish. There is Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and German for our members. Sorry, no Dutch :-) If this is not enough (when is it ever...) they are also right now putting together some special offers on some pieces of gear they think will be particularly relevant for hikers on C2C. Just you wait...

By Jörgen Johansson


  1. Hi Jorgen,

    I'm really enjoying the info on your blog and I see you've visited the Padjelanta area. So I hope you can help me with a question or two.

    I'm a fairly experienced hiker/climber (30 years) from Canada planning to hike the Padjelantaleden solo lightweight. I'll carry a 35 l pack, tarptent, 500g quilt, trail shoes, ski pole, remote canister stove, MSR Titan pot, and so on.

    My plan is to catch the night train to Jokkmokk, pick up supplies (including gas canister), then bus to Kvikkjokk, hike the trail in 6-7 days maximum, possibly buying food at the huts when available. Then bus to Gallivare and the train to Lund.

    I have GPS info for the trail and will buy a map (in Jokkmokk?). I will anticipate mosquitoes and rain.

    Does this plan sound feasible? Any logistical advice you can offer? Or even a better destination (although Padjelanta looks beautiful!)


  2. Hallo Guillermobarron I have postet an ansver at your own blog

    Klaus Andersen

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