Applying 343 - the three big ones should not weigh more than three kilos

Here is a film with some examples of light gear that I have used and that all contribute a lot to achieving "3 for 3". Probably the most fundamental step anyone can take on the trail to a really light pack.

By Jörgen Johansson

During a long weekend with wonderful weather recently I made a film with my son Daniel, 12 years old. He spends way too much time on Youtube (if you ask his dad) but is trying to convince me that "Youtube is the way to go". Where it will go I am not so sure.

But anyway, we made a film that actually is packed with a lot of content (if you ask dad) with a not so hot presenter (if you ask Daniel).

The film gives a lot of tips on how to shave not grams but kilos from most traditional packs. I have used the 343-formula and simply illustrated it with gear I have used that will work. Although the advice is general the film is especially aimed at people attempting to hike Fjällräven Classic in the Lapland mountains of Sweden this summer. It is sort of a competetion that has managed to get a lot of people to backpack in the mountains for the first time. Unfortunately with packs that are way to heavy for comfort. IMHO anyway.

So I hope to inspire at least some of them to take a look at lighter alternatives for packs, shelters and sleeping gear. The lighter they hike Fjällräven Classic the more likely it is that they will come back to the mountains a second time and maybe even to find that backpacking is the grandest pastime of them all. Me thinks...


  1. Excellent information in the film .. 3 4 3 is da bomb :-)
    Im preparing My whife for this years classic ( lightweight style )
    Btw .. Jörgen is you from upp north ;-)

  2. Henrik,
    Glad you liked our little collaboration :-)
    And I hope your wife enjoys doing the Classic the light and right way.
    Up north...depend on what you compare with. Timbuktu, yes but Kiruna, no ;-)

  3. Christoffer HedmanMay 29, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    Too bad the One has been of of stock at the GG webshop for over a year now...

  4. Christoffer -
    We are sorry about being out of The One. Our spinnaker manufacturer was unable to consistently meet our specifications for the fabric, and we also have had issues finding a reliable manufacturer. We are working on both issues, but unfortunately cannot give you a specific timetable at this time. I can say we are looking at coming up with two versions; a more bulletproof version, and a lighter version.

  5. Jorgen, I think that you can do a lot of good when you are handing out flyers about lightweight camping equipment in Nikkaluokta and have a stall in Abisko with your books. I have never seen so many people walking with such huge and very heavy backpacks as in the Classic. My backpack was 11 kilos including food for 3 days. I thoroughly enjoyed the Classic in August, also because of the fine weather. Marianne

  6. Marianne, Yes the weather was really nice :-)
    The time might be ripe now. In 2007 I gave a workshop in Abisko and had a table with books outside the shop in Abisko Turist. Surprisingly few people were interested, considering what they had lugged all the way from Nikka. I think I sold 3 books...


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