Meet me in Stockholm

If you're ever in Stockholm. And particularly on Saturday March 10 at 1600 hours at the Swedish Wilderness Fair, please drop by and say ´'hello'. I will be talking about lightweight gear, of course, for both summer and winter trips. I guess it is the 6th year in a row that I have been a speaker there, so I must be getting close to wearing everyone out. Ah, well, some people do not know when they've had enough. Or when to quit...
More info on the fair here:

Since it will be a predominantly Swedish audience I will be speaking in Swedish. For the rest of you here is some measure of consolation:

By Jörgen Johansson 


  1. Are you there promoting your book on your own stand Jörgen?

  2. No, I was just a speaker by arrangement with Outside Magazine. Did mention my upcoming book, though. The title will probably be "Smarter Backpacking after 50". And I met some interesting people, most of them even crazier than me, since they had their annual "Adventurer of the year"-awards.


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