Finnmarksvidda - we're back

The trip that my Nordic Lightpacking buddy Joe Newton and I had planned, from Alta to Kautokeino, turned out eventful, educating and not at all like planned.

Now we are back and please stay tuned  for a barrage of blog entries on subjects related to the trip. Please be patient for a couple of days, since we both have to land and also manage our jobs right now. We are expecting to be able to publish some stuff beginning this weekend.

By Jörgen Johansson 


  1. It speaks volumes that the photo above was taken on a 'good' day...

  2. Live and jobs can take a backseat if you have a bunch of readers waiting to read your account and see some photos!

    Judging from the photo, it is safe to assume that you didn't see any Northern Lights?

  3. If the northern lights are kind of a constant blurry whitness then yes, we saw loads ;)

  4. VERY glad you guys are back safely! You'll be pleased to know that I had a great time sat in my armchair following your progress (I use the term loosely) using your track log data and my DNT planning map for Finnmark. Combining those observations with the YR severe weather bulletins and a tin of beer enabled me to formulate some interesting scenarios describing your predicament. These included you climbing to the viddas edge on the wednesday where subsequently a wolverine ran off back down the hill with your spot II and choked on it at around the 200m contour. Looking forwards, very much, to the real story which I imagine will be more fantastic than anything I can dream up!

  5. Thanks Dave, we do appreciate your kind use of the word 'progress' at a time when most people would prefer 'regress'...
    Perhaps 'Pilrim's Progress' is a good parallell though.


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