Etasolo – Jetboil competitor from Primus

Gear scoop In our report from the Primus event some weeks ago we left one new product out: the Etasolo. It looked suspiciously similar to a Jetboil PCS stove. What was that all about?
By Martin Nordesjö

I felt I needed to ask Primus a few questions. How come they made their own Jetboil? It turned out that there was a connection between the companies.

— From the very beginning Jetboil bought their valves and burners from us, says product manager Niklas Lagström.

But about 1½ years ago Jetboil decided to get their parts from another source. Unfortunately the new units had problems with gas leaks (more at Jetboil). Many stoves were recalled and the subsequent delivery problems made the market look in other directions.

— Our customers asked us if we couldn't produce a similar product. Sometimes demand dictates development, and that's why we launch this stove. Etasolo is lighter and more wind-proof, with a smaller packed volume in addition. As a result of our own development we have managed to solve the problem with the piezo unit being crushed when you pack the stove up. The canister is simply placed over the burner and the piezo is shielded in the concave canister bottom.

Etasolo information

Weight:365 g
Price:899 kr (€86) in Sweden
In stores:
April 2010

Discussion thread at Utsidan (in Swedish)


  1. Är du säker att det var ifrån Primus du fick denna info? Orsaken att jag undrar är att Trailspace hade denna info på sin blog redan för fem månder sedan!:

  2. Jodå, jag är tämligen säker på att jag fick infon (och högupplösta bilder) från Niklas. ;)
    Jag läste också rapporterna från Outdoor Retailer, men ville höra historien direkt från källan.

    Ibland får det räcka att vara näst först och ha de bästa bilderna...


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