"World's lightest tents" at Outdoor 2014

Here are some more previews of tents that will premiere at the Outdoor 2014 show 10-13 july in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

By Martin Nordesjö

In 2015 Terra Nova will expand their cuben fiber "Ultra" series with a couple of two-person tents: the freestanding Solar Ultra 2 and the two-person version of the Laser Ultra. They are both allegedly "the lightest tents in the world" in their respective segment. Personally I don't give a further thought to claims like that, but lightweight multiperson tents always make me happy. The price tag will probably make me less happy.

Terra Nova Solar Ultra 2: weight unknown

370 g sleeping bag and 65 g jacket from Haglöfs in Outdoor 2014

Among the new lightpacking products that Haglöfs will reveal at Outdoor 2014 in Friedrichshafen, the most notable are probably the new L.I.M sleeping bags and a new wind jacket. I'm a bit skeptic about the usefulness of a 370 g synthetic sleeping bag, but a 65 g wind jacket might be nice as long as you are OK with the candy wrapper look.

By Martin Nordesjö

Haglöfs L.I.M Wind Pull, 65 g
L.I.M Wind Pull
When your clothes are so ligtweight that they become transparent, it's generally a good time to stop and think. Unless you really, really like Quality Street candy of course. At 0,065 kg the L.I.M Wind Pull is the lightest garment from Haglöfs ever.

Brooks Range vacation - the three big ones

For my 500 km solo hike along the crest of Brooks Range in Alaska, I will need a lot of gear. However, the gear will not need to be as heavy as some might expect. Will I be able to abide by my 343 rule; that the collective weight of the three big ones (shelter, pack and sleep system) will not exceed 3 kilos/7 pounds?

By Jörgen Johansson

First picture of Thermarest Evolite and some other stuff we will see in Friedrichshafen 2014

Updated with weight and other details!

In about a month the Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen will open its doors and show what the industry has in store for the coming year. Evolite is a new sleeping mattress from Thermarest that will probably get some attention from the lightpacking community. It has both the word "evo" and the word "lite" in the name, and we have no defense against that.

By  Martin Nordesjö

Thermarest Evolite
Thermarest Evolite: 5 cm thick, 480 g

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