Welcome to Fjäderlätt, a world of featherlite hiking

My name is Jörgen Johansson and here on my site you will find a number of articles on lightweight backpacking. Some are in English, some are written in Swedish. Since 2003 I have realised that ligthweight gear is not about counting grams but about counting kilos. I have taken more than 10 kilos from my baseweight without doing anything extreme and I am not even an ultralight backpacker according to some definitions. During this journey I have written a number of books. In Swedish you will find Vandra Fjäderlätt in its second edition. In English you will find a number of titles in English, called Smarter Backpacking.

I have tested lightweight gear on numerous long solo treks in Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska. A key to a light and pleasant pack that still does the job and keeps you safe and comfortable is "343" or "3 for 3". This means that you bring the combined weight of the three "big ones" (tent, pack and sleeping gear) down to a maximum of three kilos. …

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