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Smarter Backpacking after 50

or "How every trekker can adapt any hike to any age or fitness". This is a sequel to Smarter Backpacking that focuses on trip planning. It also wants to show that "It ain't over 'til it's over" and that being a bit older or out of shape or suffering from major or minor maladies does not mean that you cannot backpack and enrichen your life. The book is written for both experienced hikers and those that have recently become interested in the best pastime in the world. Only available as Kindle.


Smarter backpacking

or "How every backpacker can apply lightweight trekking and ultralight hiking techniques". This is the English edition of "Lättare packning", focused on and partly rewritten for an international audience. A handbook focusing on light gear and simple practical advice, showing how you can save lots of kilos and enjoy both short and long hikes more. Available both as hard copy and Kindle on Amazon.

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Lättare packning från A till Ö

A compact handbook focusing on simple, practical advice, and showing which parts of your gearlist that gives maximum weight savings. In Swedish.

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Vandra fjäderlätt

The book that started it all for this webpage. The first lightweight backpacking book in Swedish, giving any backpacker a perfect platform for "enlightment", full of  discussion and theories and based on years of experience in arctic and subarctic backpacking.

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