Gear at Coast2Coast Sweden part 2

The second piece of gear used on Coast2Coast Sweden in 2016 that I would like to comment on is my homemade tent. It had some good sides and some bad sides. The goal was to have a dry and comfortable sleeping area during circumstances that were prime for creating condensation in a shelter. Did I succeed?

By Jörgen Johansson

Gear at Coast2Coast Sweden part 1

I have just completed Coast2Coast Sweden for the 4th time, and it was a great experience, walking through spring across Sweden with a bunch of dedicated hikers. I will comment on some of the gear I used in a number of blog entries, starting with my sleeping bag.

By Jörgen Johansson

Shelter for the cool forest part II

During 2015 I used a Hilleber Enan on Coast2Coast Sweden in May. The weather was cool and nights were usually only a couple of degrees above freezing. So I was not surprised that condensation was actually dripping in my face some mornings.
In October I hiked the John Muir Trail in California. I used a Gossamer Gear The One for shelter. A single skin tarptent it weighs less than half of the Hilleberg Enan, which is classic double wall very stable mountain tent. The One, with excellent ventilation, usually is not very condensation prone. But temperatures around, and sometimes below, freezing made it drip on my face some mornings as well.
So I decided to construct the ideal shelter for forests, where there is less need for storm-worthy tents. And also for temperatures were condensation is very, very difficult to avoid. A lot more on the background for this tent you will find in this blog post.
Gossamer Gear The One with pack and bear canister on the JMT.

By Jörgen Johansson

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