Applying 343 - the three big ones should not weigh more than three kilos

Here is a film with some examples of light gear that I have used and that all contribute a lot to achieving "3 for 3". Probably the most fundamental step anyone can take on the trail to a really light pack.

By Jörgen Johansson

Topographic maps for my smartphone

20 years ago I frowned at anxious brats using mobile phones in the outdoors. But today a smartphone is a handy way to have a camera, an emergency phone, a note book and a GPS all packed into one, especially now that I have found an adequate app for topographic maps, called Map Overlay Tracer.

By Martin Nordesjö

Helags, according to Google
There is a lot of problems with smartphones and topographic maps. Ordinary map services like Google Maps are rubbish the second you leave the roads because they only show the roads, and because they need to be online to load the maps.

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