Finnmarksvidda - we're back

The trip that my Nordic Lightpacking buddy Joe Newton and I had planned, from Alta to Kautokeino, turned out eventful, educating and not at all like planned.

Now we are back and please stay tuned  for a barrage of blog entries on subjects related to the trip. Please be patient for a couple of days, since we both have to land and also manage our jobs right now. We are expecting to be able to publish some stuff beginning this weekend.

By Jörgen Johansson 

Finnmarksvidda - big country

Right now the planning of mine and Joe Newton's trip across Finnmarksvidda is looming big. Only a couple of days before we leave for this giant, wide-open expanse at the top of the European continent. We hope to cross a large part of it during six days of skiing and rulking.

By Jörgen Johansson

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