Food and sundry in Vålådalen

The Vålådalen excursion undertaken by the Nordic Lightpackers was, as has been described, soggy. Temperatures where not in the region that would make anyone eager for loitering in their swimming trunks. That kind of weather emphasizes the need for fuel. Food, grub, chow is really the fulcrum around which our lives turn. That is more than obvious when you are hiking and using up quite a bit of calories. Here is a look at my kitchen for that particular trip. It is pretty austere and some of my fellow hikers were more innovative not to mention culinary. But they have to speak for themselves.
By Jörgen Johansson

TN Laser Photon - light and not half bad

The time has come to sum up my impressions of the Terra Nova Laser Photon. When I bought it last summer it was the lightest double skin backpackingtent on the market. I have used it both as a tent and as a tarp and it certainly has its advantages. And some disadvantages as well.

A new Fjäderlätt is born

It's finally time to launch the face-lifted Fjäderlätt. Over the years our readers have given us good suggestions about how to improve Fjäderlätt, but it wasn't until now that we could implement them. We think it's a better site, and we hope you do too.

Learn Lightweight Backpacking in Arctic Scandinavia

English The first course on using lightweight and ultra light gear in Scandinavian above timberline conditions will be given this summer. The aim of the course is to give people who are into lightweight backpacking the know-how of gear and techniques needed to be confident in using them in the above timberline areas of northern Scandinavia in three season conditions.

343 or the three big ones in Vålådalen

Tips and thoughts; English A very useful rule of thumb when you start looking at reducing your packweight is to look at the three big ones. They being sleeping, carrying and shelter. It is not much use paring away at your tooth brush if your sleeping bag, backpack and tent weigh kilos more than necessary. So The Fjaderlatt Rule of Thumb is that if you ensure that these three big ones only weigh 3 kilos together (3 for 3 or 343, if you want to be cute) you have made a very good start. During one of our breaks in Vålådalen I asked the other bloggers how much their three big ones weighed and here are the results. By Jörgen Johansson.

Joe Newton and his GG Gorilla pack.

Jörgen reads a few chapters from his book Lättare packning från A till Ö

Tips and thoughts I have amused myself with making some mp3-files out of chapters from my book Lättare packning från A till Ö ("Lighter Pack from A to Z"). It is probably less amusing if you do not understand Swedish, since it is all in Swedish. However, the contents can be found in the English book Smarter Backpacking. If you understand Swedish rest assured that the chapters are pretty short, so you won't be bored for ages should you decide to listen in.

By Jörgen Johansson

Back from Vålådalen

English, Trips All lightweight bloggers survived a wet weekend in Vålådalen. As we have earlier reported, a bunch of Nordic lightweight enthusiasts met up for a long weekend in the Swedish mountains. By Jörgen Johansson
Joe Newton fording. This was not a weekend for dry shoes.

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