My solution to non waterproof breathables

In my own experience waterproof/breathables are not waterproof in prolonged rain, just as Andrew and many others have said. After day of rain in Brooks Range, Alaska the other year, rain had penetrated the double layers of my eVent smock and my rain pants under the pack waistbelt. My Icebreaker merino shorts/underwear were soaked. Rain had also penetrated from my chin downwards, leaving a long and fairly wide damp trail down to my waist. This made me look like I do in this photo.
After a day of rain in Brooks Range, Alaska 2014
By Jörgen Johansson

Seam sealing a tent

The newly arrived Lightheart Gear Solong 6 that I wrote about recently, needed some seam sealing. So I took the opportunity of doing that one sunny Sunday. Seam sealing is really pretty easy, once you know how.

By Jörgen Johansson

Lightheart Gear Solong 6 tent

I got a nice present from some friends who visited Lightheart Gear at the Friedrichshafen Outdoor Fair this summer. It was a Solong 6 tent from American company Lightheart Gear, seeking representation in Europe. This particular tent is especially designed for big people. Me, I am a tall guy, so it seemed a good pick. I could not resist putting the tent up in my garden and taking some photos. I have not used it yet, so my impressions are just impressions, probably  sprinkled with equal shares of experience and prejudice.

By Jörgen Johansson

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