New gear for Sarek

I am preparing a trip to Sarek, a week in mid September. Sarek is probably the jewel in the crown of Swedish National Parks and September is a terrific month for hiking in that area. Few people, few mosquitos, clear and cold mornings with the peaks dusted in silver. Of course it can also be rain and sleet and ice cold creeks to ford. 
For this trip I will be using some new gear that I would like to introduce.

By Jörgen Johansson

MYOG inner tent Trailstar 2p

Having borrowed a MLD Trailstar for a family trip to Iceland recently, I urgently needed an inner tent for this tarpish shelter. So I butchered some old homemade silnylon shelters and added some newly bought rip-stop for the nice price of £ 0.99. Here is step by step introduction for a not-so-good-looking but functional two person inner-tent.

By Jörgen Johansson

A cold and windy night on Iceland, with plenty of rain as well. Pegs had to be anchored with rocks, but after that the outer and innertent worked very well.

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