Nahanni IV - Parks river

Rabbitkettle Lake and its surroundings are beautiful and contains some unique landscape features. Almost as beautiful was the fact that a box awaited me with food for another eight days, nice since I was running very low on supplies.

By Jörgen Johansson

Nahanni III - big wilderness river

When the Rock Gardens ended it became even more obvious that the Nahanni had picked up a lot of water from streams and creeks since the Moose Ponds. It was now a wide river that swept me along rapidly, at speeds around 10 km/h.

By Jörgen Johansson

Nahanni II - rocks and roll

After some 50 kilometers of bushwhacking I was afloat on the Nahanni. Another 50 kilometers waited, the (in)famous Rock Gardens. This is described as "almost continous whitewater" and "not the place to learn whitewater skills". The more serious rapids rate from II to III and III++ and have fanciful names like Hollywood, Danish Dynamite, Bailing Rapids and The Sequel. Being a coward by birth and habit, and not a very experienced packrafter, I had already decided that I would probably portage all of the more difficult rapids.

By Jörgen Johansson

Nahanni I - labor pains

For some background on the South Nahanni River and my planned trip, see earlier blog posts.

Almost everyone that paddles the Nahanni flies in to various points along the river. Now, a packraft is constructed for packing and my gut feeling was that I wanted to walk in to the Moose Ponds, the source of the Nahanni, from the nearest road. Do not ask me why. To feel worthy of the Nahanni perhaps, or just because I am generally pigheaded and want to do things my way.

Anyway, 40-50 kilometers cross country above timberline is something I normally would be able to do in two long days of hiking. The reality proved to be a lot rougher than I had expected. On the other hand, I was not unprepared. This is Canada, it is big, it is wild and you are on your own. That's why I came.

By Jörgen Johansson 

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