West of Virihaure - the gear

Here is a list of the gear I brought with me to Virihaure and some comments. It was basically the same gear that I have been using for the last year or so.

By Jörgen Johansson

West of Virihaure - the shelter

During my hike north and west of the Virihaure I used a brand new shelter. A homemade combination of innertent/bugtent and rain fly. Cuben fiber was the main ingredient and the weight was astonishingly low.  So, how did I make it and how did it work?

By Jörgen Johansson

One step closer to barefoot

A few years ago I made a not very funny April's fool joke about trekking barefoot to save weight. Now the joke is on me since barefoot running shoes are all over the place at the moment. And if you can run in it, you can walk in it. Here is a small look at the current situation.

By Martin Nordesjö

Terraplana Vivobarefoot EVO,
when they were still white.
Backpacking in trail-running shoes made me wonder if support and cushioning is really vital. Seeing the hype around minimalist "barefoot" running shoes - without any cushioning or support - I was curious if there were any products suitable for lightweight backpacking.

West of Virihaure - the walk

The area in Padjelanta NP squeezed between the big lakes of Virihaure, Vastenjaure and Sallohaure and the Norwegian border is largely untraveled. There are few or no trails or any conveniences for the hiker. One particular river, the Duvvgejåkhå (formerly spelled Tukijåkkå) is considered unfordable at all times and several others are unfordable at times. This curtails how you can travel in this country, should you choose to do so. What I found was a marvelous place with few traces of man, where you could pick your own route and where hills and flora are stranger and richer than anyplace I have seen in the Swedish mountains. With two trusty feet and a packraft I spent six days crossing this wonderful land.

By Jörgen Johansson

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