Shelter for forest part I

As Coast to Coast Sweden looms nearer I have begun to think about the kind of shelter I will use this year. Last years event was cold and damp, moisture was literally dripping from both the inner and outer walls of the Hilleberg Enan I used.
The same heavy condensation was also a factor when I hiked the John Muir Trail in October, using a Gossamer Gear The One for shelter.

So I have decided to make a shelter that will beat both of those for use in protected areas, like the forest.

By Jörgen Johansson

The beginning of mummies

I am rereading Dick Turners book Nahanni, one of the inspirations for my own backpacking and packrafting trip down this marvelous World Heritage river in Canadas Northwest Territories. Dick Turner came into the area 1930 and spent the rest of his life there, trapping, trading, boating, flying. Anything that could support him and his growing family. It is a great story about those days. It also mentions in passing something that has evolved a lot since then, making the nights warmer for all outdoor people.
Packrafting the Rock Gardens of the South Nahanni River
By Jörgen Johansson

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